September 27, 2012


Bad Piggies – Ground Hog Day 29, Level 1-29 | Bad Piggies Walkthrough

The 3 star contraption for this one is achieved by building a contraption with a core of two wood boxes, with a seltzer bottle on the left and and cola bottle on the right. The base of the contraption begins with wood wheel on the left and a metal castor wheel on the right. The final touch is adding a small green motor to the crate on the left and the pig to the crate on the right.

Ground Hog Day 29
Ground Hog Day 1-29
Level 1-29
3 Star Walkthrough

Bad Piggies Walkthrough
Bad Piggies Cheats

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  1. Vtjohn
    Feb 28 2013

    Achieving three stars on this level requires not using the small green motet. Your solution only earns two stars.

    • admin
      Feb 28 2013

      Did you actually watch the video? There are two passes through the level. The first half of the video shows how to achieve the time limit star. The other half of the video shows a second pass that does not use the motor and shows how to achieve the no motor star. The solution earns all three stars. It just doesn’t show 3 stars being achieved in a single pass.


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