September 27, 2012


Bad Piggies – Ground Hog Day I, Level 1-I | Bonus Level | Bad Piggies Walkthrough

To beat this level start with a wood crate with a TNT box in it, in the middle. On the left add a wood wheel, on the right, add another wood box with the pig in it. Just below this layer of the contraption use a wood wheel under the TNT box and a banana fan under the pig. Finish it off with another wood wheel above the TNT box.

Bad Piggies
Ground Hog Day I
Ground Hog Day 1-I
Level 1-I
Bonus Level
3 Star Walkthrough

Bad Piggies Walkthrough
Bad Piggies Cheats

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Available On: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, PC, Windows, Mac, Apple, OSX, Facebook, Nokia, Windows Phone, Kindle, DS Lite, DSi, Playstation 3, XBOX 360

Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-II Walkthrough

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  1. brent sheets
    Nov 28 2012

    Huge Angry Birds fan but this is a collosial failure. Even the walkthroughs do not work

  2. Barry
    Dec 10 2012

    Love this game couldn’t have gotten past some levels
    Without the walkthroughs.

  3. Ricktron
    Aug 2 2013

    Why in this walkthrough you used a air thing and then you got a star for not using it.


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