September 27, 2012

Bad Piggies – Ground Hog Day III, Level 1-III | Bonus Level | Bad Piggies Walkthrough

Completing this level requires you to grab six wood boxes placed in a row. Next add a cola bottle on the left side. Underneath this layer you add a wood wheel beneath the 1st, 3rd and 6th wood crates. Between these are three bottles, all pointing left. The final touch is adding three more bottle to the top row, then dropping in the King pig and the small Bad Piggies pig.

Bad Piggies
Ground Hog Day III
Ground Hog Day 1-III
Level 1-III
Bonus Level
3 Star Walkthrough

Bad Piggies Walkthrough
Bad Piggies Cheats

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Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-IV Walkthrough
Bad Piggies Ground Hog Day 1-II Walkthrough

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