September 27, 2012


Bad Piggies – When Pigs Fly 13, Level 2-13 | Bad Piggies Walkthrough

To beat this level start with a banana fan and start by placing it on the left, then add 3 wood boxes. On the bottom row start with a wood wheel on the left and add another one on the right. Complete your contraption by grabbing the piggy and dropping him in the wood crate on the left. Then tie single red balloons over the pig crate and over the crate next to it.

When Pigs Fly 13
When Pigs Fly 2-13
Level 2-13
3 Star Walkthrough

Bad Piggies Walkthrough
Bad Piggies Cheats

Recorded On: iPod
Available On: iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, PC, Windows, Mac, Apple, OSX, Facebook, Nokia, Windows Phone, Kindle, DS Lite, DSi, Playstation 3, XBOX 360

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